Motorola, working on a Virtual Reality headset for its phones

According to the reports reaching us from our sources, Motorola has made up an eclectic selection of Moto Mod accessories for all of its smartphones ranging from an Alexa speaker to an instant camera. Therefore, it was in all likelihood only a matter of time until we arrived at this point: a virtual reality headset which is custom-built for the Moto Z line and its big, circular camera bump.

One of our sources leaked the news of the upcoming headset and an image of the headset was posted on Twitter. There are no extra details on the headset at the moment, like for example, the time or period it will be made available. Motorola has in the past announced the release of accessories, however, this accessories took a long time for them to ship, therefore, one would be wise not to expect the shipment of the VR headset to come quickly.

Even though the circular pattern makes the headset look a bit strange, there is nothing that seems too special about the accessory. Virtual Reality headsets for smartphones are highly rough-cut at this point and some companies such as Samsung have made headsets and features that work specifically with their phones. There is a great chance that this particular headset will also have the ability to support Android’s built-in Daydream VR feature.

There is a fascinating possibility that this Moto Mod will be able to support basic augmented reality features since the camera which is exposed can capture footage from the wearer’s point of view. There’s a slim chance that we would see anything more than the live view of the world. As a fact, Microsoft’s Windows Mixed Reality Headsets which carry cameras on the outside, do not have AR features yet, even though they were conceived as headsets that could support both features.

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