More tasty fun as you can now add moving emoji inside Snapchat video

Snapchat has made an audacious update to its iOS app as it now gives users the ability to overlay emojis on top of video snaps. So for example, should you intend to place something like “A crying face” or “excited face” emoji on top of your video, all you will now do is simply record the clip and then move on to tap the emoji button which you see at the top of your screen, close to the text option.

More tasty fun as You can now add moving emoji inside Snapchat video

From there, you now have the option of selecting emoji, and with the pinch-to-zoom gesture, you can make alterations to the size- after dragging it around the screen. There is alternative for you to take between static ones or emojis with delicate animations which could have interactions with with onscreen objects.

You can say this is not that world-turning innovation but then you can’t deny the pint of added excitement it injects into the app all the same making it more addictive to use. This is a whole lot like “the lenses” remember? That feature of snapchat that helps you to distort hit friends’ appearances with amusingly comic animations.

Kudos to Snapchat!

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