Microsoft reduces the price Surface Book 2 to $1,199 with less storage

Today, a new Surface Laptop model was introduced by Microsoft in order that its price may be brought down, at the moment; it appears as if the company wants to apply a like technique to its latest Surface Book 2. The new base model of the Surface Book 2 which was launched in November last year is currently sold at $1,199 for the 13.5-inch version and it includes an Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB of RAM, and 128GB of storage. The earlier Surface Book 2 which was considered rather cheap was $1,499 which has more storage (256GB); therefore, Microsoft has cut some space in order to bring about a reduction in price down to $300.

Microsoft has steadily advertised the Surface Book 2 as a powerful laptop, yet 128GB of storage will propel certain individuals to search for external storage options for tasks of photo or video editing. In any case, a saving of $300 for less storage will currently make more sense to a lot of people. Among the big criticisms of the recent Microsoft Surface devices has been price, and now the company is making its Surface Laptop and Surface Book 2 inexpensive if people are willing to compromise on specs. There are no changes being made to the 15-inch models, though they are continuously being made available in several other countries.


Both of the changes in prices yesterday came just two days after the disclosure that the revenue from Surface had only grown by 1 percent per year in the recent holiday quarter. This came as a shock mostly because the company revitalized its Surface Pro in the early part of 2017 after which the new Surface Laptop was launched. The Surface Book 2 partway was launched through the recent quarter, however, the fact that Microsoft wants to gain more sales from all its devices and move up the revenue of its Surface strictly through sales rather being dependent on the margins it was rooting for at first.

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