Microsoft, updating the Windows Notepad app

According to the reports that have gotten to us from our sources, Microsoft is offering its Notepad app for Windows an unexpected yet enormous quantity of new features. Microsoft has not updated Notepad for many years, be that as it may, the next update for Windows 10 will come with some additions that have been seriously requested for. This therefore proves that the software giant is paying attention to Windows 10 users who make use of Notepad for development, logs, or even simple text manipulation.

Pretty soon, users will be able to do wrap around find and replace and also have the ability to zoom into text by holding down the ctrl key and use the wheel of the mouse to zoom in and out. The software giant is also adding in extended line ending support so that Unix/Linus line endings (LF) and Mac line endings (CR) are supported in Notepad. With the new update that is coming, the status bar will be enabled by default and it provides the ability to display line and column numbers when word-wrap is enabled.

Microsoft is also including in the Notepad, a ctrl+backspace support that will allow one to delete a previous word as well as performance improvements for large files. Users also now have the ability to search for words on Bing through Notepad and this they can do by right clicking on them to get new options. These additions that was made by the tech giant to Notepad come with the update of its Windows Console for the first time within 20 years, and the shocking inclusion of the Linux command line to Windows 10.

These new Notepad features will be made available in the soon to arrive update that is codenamed Redstone 5, which is expected to launch sometime within the year. Microsoft is currently working on the finishing parts of the next major Windows 10 update, however, it will not include the popular tabs (Sets) feature for File Explorer and other apps.

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