Microsoft makes certain updates to SwiftKey

According to the reports reaching us from our sources, Microsoft has unveiled the first major update is has to made to the SwiftKey keyboard that it acquired in the year 2016. The 7.0 release which was made earlier today supersedes the existing hub found in the keyboard. It has a new toolbar which extends in a bid to provide access to stickers, GIFs, and soon to come, useful location and calendar features. the new toolbar is designed to make it quicker to insert GIFs, emoji, and the new sticker packs that Microsoft will be including as well.

Soon to come are the most interesting new additions which include, the location and calendar. The location feature will give users of SwiftKey in India or the United States ability to share their location in many apps, and the calendar integration will allow people to insert calendar appointments in any app from the same spot on the keyboard toolbar. Be that as it may, this new toolbar gears up Microsoft to struggle for ascendancy of your iPhone or Android keyboard side by side with Google’s GBoard app.

For Android users, Toolbar will also add a few features such as collections and quick settings. SwiftKey 7.0 also adds in eight new “Lish” hybrid languages which allows users to switch between English and Indian languages. SwiftKey added that the location and calendar sharing will be so that people can insert addresses and appointments in messages.

Microsoft as at last year killed off its Windows Phone Keyboard for the iPhone last year and urged users to download SwiftKey in its stead. It appears as if improvements for Microsoft’s keyboards is being Channeled into SwiftKey other than the different iOS keyboards that the company has been experimenting on. It gives hope that this will result in better improvements for SwiftKey just as we have seen one today. The latest update on SwiftKey is now available both on Android and iOS.

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