Microsoft and Facebook deny gender inequality among employees

say their female employees earn equally with their respective male counterparts.

In face of of the push to attain gender equality in professional spheres among workplaces, both tech companies have come out to say females earn as much as male counterparts earn. The tech giants published the figures as the Equal Pay Day comes on Tuesday.

Microsoft and Facebook deny gender equality among employees

Microsoft and Facebook deny gender equality among employees


This was after hefty allegations that a lot of the tech companies including microsoft and Facebook, favour male workers than female, even transferring this favoritism into increased pay for male workers.

Lori Goler, who is the head of HR of Facebook via means of a post on Monday said that Facebook “regularly” observe reviews of staff pay “regularly” — a practice she maintains the company has been upholding for so “many years.”

“We complete thorough statistical analyses to compare the compensation of men and women performing similar work,” she wrote. “I’m proud to share that at Facebook, men and women earn the same.”

This would be first instance Facebook has come out publicly to talk about its pay practices. A percentage of 32 of Facebook’s over 12,000 global employees happen to be female.

Microsoft on the other end gave more details of the gender pay gap revealing that women earn about 99.8 cents for every dollar that a male worker makes. This is quite an improvement from some eighteen months ago when the gap was marginally of higher size at 99.7 cents to a dollar.

“I’m encouraged by these results,” Kathleen Hogan, Microsoft’s EVP of human resources wrote in a blog post. “Our announcement today is another step forward along the path of greater diversity and inclusion progress at Microsoft, and in society as a whole.”

Both of these reports are the offspring of moves from major tech companies to battle allegations of pay gaps springing from gender inequality among workforce.

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