Material design coming to Chrome OS: Windows and Mac to follow soon

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Material design is a UI method developed by Google and introduced 2 years ago. It has come to their Android OS(starting from Lollipop) and a lot of Android apps. Now they have decided to bring it to their very own Operating System – Chrome OS. For a little background:

Chrome OS is more or less a somewhat better version than the Chrome app itself. Since Chrome has the ability to launch and run some apps, it isn’t quite much of a problem for Chrome OS to meet everyday tasks; from web browsing to photo editing etc. Though it does have its cons, I wouldn’t go into them in this post.

As I was saying, Google brought Material Design to Chrome OS and I dare say it looks beautiful. I currently dual boot tri-boot and Chrome OS is one of my multiple Operating Systems; I like experimenting you see.

For those using Chrome OS(Version 50), everything is still where it was with a little change here and there it’s not a complete overhaul like Windows 7 to 8. It’s more like 8 to 8.1. For those, using Chrome books, Google kept you in mind as they introduced a “Hybrid mode”. In essence what this does is that it lets you use either the touch screen or your trackpad to interact with web pages; and this option is activated by default, although by the looks of it, users might have the option to turn it off.

A few images are below:



Now, for those who are impatient and do not want to install ChromeOS,  you could get this material design feel through the method below – although it wouldn’t hurt if you install ChromeOS. Just walk with me and you should be fine; if you don’t mind a few bugs that is.

Type the following in your address bar, or Omnibar as Google calls it: about:flags.

Then click on Material design in the browser’s top chrome.

I’d advice updating Chrome to the latest version first though; 50 and above.

How do you like the experience? Great or meh? Let us know in the comments section below.

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