Marshmallow updates get taken down: Too complicated?


Recently, Tecno released a Marshmallow update for the Camon C8 only to take it down a few days later due to a bug. This is not the first company to do so, as Infinix did the same even with an Android One device which is supposed to run vanilla Android or Stock Android as most people call it. Their reasons have been one bug or another. For a custom build like the one for the Camon C8, I could see reason owing to the complexity involved in creating a ROM with Android as the base and running a custom skin.

But in the case of the Infinix Hot 2(an Android One device), rumor, news and experience has shown that it runs stock Android – the type that Nexus devices run. If this is the case, why was the initial update taken down owing to bugs while Nexus users have started testing out Android N?! While we are still on the matter of software updates, I think it is quite important to note that before you update OTA, you should unroot your device first. I ran into a little hitch while trying to upgrade to Marshmallow on my Hot 2 recently and realized the Super User access was the problem; oh, and you shouldn’t be rocking a custom recovery either(no matter how cool it might be). This is one the reasons I have had an affinity for stock apps and ROMs(except Cyanogen mods). I also think this is one of the major advantages iOS has over Android devices – the fact that all their devices get updated almost at once without hiccups.

In my opinion, I think OEMs should consider leaving modding to dedicated companies like Cyanogen just like One Plus did before getting Oxygen OS. In the end all they manage to do it make the whole user experience somewhat slow not to mention the bloatwares!(Arrgh, don’t get me started on those). If OEMs could just preload their devices with Stock ROMs, life would be a whole lot easier; why? Lemme explain: If all devices run practically the same software, they could concentrate on making better hardware! The only software they might have to worry about is probably developing specific apps or camera software. Apart from that, i believe Google does a pretty good job with Android releases all the way from Cupcake to N. Please OEMs, stop over tweaking Android to the point where it becomes a headache to use!

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