Lil Wayne Sells the Water-Proof Galaxy S7

So now,what are you going to do to convince the entire world that the Galaxy S7 is waterproof? Well Samsung’s idea was a simple one you don’t need to rack your brains much to arrive at:simply get a legendary rapper like Lil Wayne to display to a global audience the technical endowments of the phone.

Lil Wayne emptying a bottle of champagne on the S7

Lil Wayne emptying a bottle of champagne on the S7

“One of the things for us as we launched this new campaign was to tell the Samsung brand story in new and humorous ways people can engage with,” said Marc Mathieu, chief marketing officer at Samsung Electronics America. That is just what Samsung did. In a series of latest commercials for the Galaxy S7, we get to see the famous rapper Lil Wayne emptying a bottle of champagne on the phone; even drowning it in a fish tank- and the phone was still well intact after that: well intact enough for Lil Wayne to use it in processing a mobile payment to buy another bottle of champagne again which he repeats pouring on the smartphone.

In another of the ads, you see Lil Wayne trying his eyes on the Samsung Gear VR goggles alongside actor Wesley Snipes. “I was just happy for the opportunity to be there,” the Grammy-award winning rapper said of the shoot. “There’s a billion people they could pick, and they chose me. I tried to make the most of it.”

Mathieu revealed the idea inspiring the Lil Wayne commercial was not hard to find. Samsung needed to make a strong appeal and carve a big niche for themselves in the global pop habitat and then Lil Wayne had a “a large fan base and broad appeal.” Of course, there is little doubts to that as on the official records, Lil Wayne has sold a number of copies or his records exceeding 100 million as we saw him back in September 2012 pipping Elvis Presley to ascend the position of the male artist who rakes the highest entries on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.”We didn’t just want to find a way to tap into popular culture, but to create culture. … If you enjoy (the ads), you share it with one another and connect with one another,” Mathieu revealed.

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