Lenovo’s Chromebooks for schools make note taking easy

Lenovo has designed a new leash of Chromebooks for use in schools. They feature hinges, ports, and keyboards, and are strong enough to withstand a drop at 30-inch which happens to be the significance of their tough technology. The prices of these Chromebooks are quite affordable.

First, let us consider the most basic 100e Chromebook. It costs $219, has a little keyboard with a lot of key travel and zero typing fatigue. It also an 11.6-inch screen with a resolution of 1336 x 768 and really awful viewing angles.

The next is the 300e Chromebook which is sold at $279. It adds to the specs of the 100e Chromebook; touch, an improved display, and a Yoga-style 360-hinge. On the 300e Chromebook, you can write notes on its screen using a standard HB2 pencil and they are stored in the Chromebook. To be factual, the 300e is optimized for this purpose and more, the pencils don’t leave a mark on the screen.

Last but not least, is the 500e Chromebook which goes for the price of $349. This model has its own stylus as well as a silo for storing it in that allows for lag-free input, as a result of a Chrome OS API which Lenovo took advantage of.

They all share the same screen size and resolution, charge using USB-C, and have a 10-hour battery life. Surprisingly, the 100e and 500e use Intel Celeron processors – N3350 for the cheaper model and N3450 for the expensive one – while the 300e has an ARM-based MediaTek MTK 8173C chip. The batteries of the Intel powered Chromebooks are 42Wh while that of the 300e is 45Wh. One last difference is that the 300e has a full-size SD card while the other two use microSD.

These laptops were showcased at the MWC. Lenovo also had new Flex and Yoga Windows laptops to show off at the same event. The company will straightway start selling the 300e and 500e Chromebooks with the 100e Chromebook sale to begin in March.

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