Jumia Mobile Week Megathon: 10 Gidigba Facts for You

Jumia released some interesting facts and figures regarding the Mobile Week Megathon that ended today. Kindly find below some facts and figures which sums up the events of the week (i.e .Jumia Mobile Week Megathon).


‘I am something, you see everywhere you go, what am I?’ No doubt most Nigerians will instinctively answer ‘Jumia Mobile Week Megathon’ to this riddle ahead of ‘Shadow’. The Jumia Mobile Week Megathon has been by far the biggest mobile sale ever to happen in this part of the world and the overwhelming buzz inevitably took over television screens, radio, newspapers, social media and blogs nationwide!

Customers all over Nigeria raced to the Jumia website and app to grab phones of their dreams at inviting prices and to also witness exclusive phone launches. This resulted in unprecedented traffic and sales. Predictably, it forced online and offline competition in the country to run after Jumia by crashing their prices and searching for similar products! 

Fatoumata Ba, Managing Director Jumia Nigeria stated, ‘I think as far as exceeding expectations go, the Jumia Mobile Week Megathon has pleasantly surprised both Jumia and our customers. Our objectives of making our customers happy and increasing mobile penetration in Nigeria were very well met and I can guarantee that next year will get even much bigger and better for each and every one of our customers’ 

Want to get an insider view on the activities of the historic Jumia Mobile Week Megathon? Want some facts and figures that will help provide a cure for your curiosity? So here you go: Did you know that the Jumia Mobile Week Megathon trended twice on Twitter during the course of the week? Or that the Infinix Hot was the most patronized phone during the Jumia Mobile Week Megathon? Would you also imagine that we had more visitors on the Jumia website during the Jumia Mobile Week than in four weeks put together?  Take a peek at the 10 gidigba facts provided by Jumia through the INFOGRAPHIC below:

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JUMIA Mobile Week Facts and Figures

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