Apple’s iPhone replacement batteries now in stock without delays

According to the report reaching us from our sources, there was a leaked internal memo sent by Apple to its stores and service providers in the previous month which stated that Apple’s iPhone replacement batteries won’t take long before they reach the stores and can be accessed by users due to limited supply. As a result of this, all Apple stores and service providers now have the ability to order the replacement batteries and get them without holds up from supply constraints, however, shipping could still take a bit of time.

Apple had before this time said it would be low on supplies of replacement batteries until the latter part of March and early April, when we discovered that the companies was serious about the replacement batteries. The support page of Apple currently says that replacing an iPhone battery takes up to five business days (although before this time, it usually took more than that – four to five weeks to be exact) and this statement was made by the company before the leak of this memo.

In the previous year, the company confirmed that processors used in the iPhone 6, the iPhone 6S, the iPhone 7 and the iPhone SE were intentionally slowed down by newer iOS updates in a bid to address aging lithium-ion batteries. The alteration in these phones was meant to bring down the inevitable occurrence of random shutdowns by throttling the iPhone’s CPU, then again, this only lead to slower performance and customer dissatisfaction and complaints. Apple as a result, apologized and lowered the replacement fee for its batteries to the sum of $29 in December last year as a way of compensating for the CPU throttling. Since then, the entire swapping out of batteries seemed to be the proper solution for many people who have had to deal with the problem and this therefore led to supply issues.



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