iPhones may have curved screens and touchless gesture controls in the future

A new report has reached us from our sources stating that Apple is developing two new types of technology for its future models of iPhones. One of these new technologies is a touchless gesture control while the other one is a curved display. The two developments are according to our sources at the early stages of improvement and that it would take at the very least about two years before it can be found in consumer devices.

The closest rival that Apple has, Samsung, has already provided versions of these two technologies in some of its previous models. Air Gestures on the Galaxy S4 permitted users to browse photos or scroll a webpage just by swiping in the air above the phone and Air view will function in the same way as the Apple’s 3D Touch which exposes further info when a finger is hovered over a trigger area. According to the report reaching us from our sources, flagship Samsung Galaxy S phones have for years had curved screen sides, however, Apple’s curved iPhone display would “curve inward gradually from top to bottom.”

One of the most popular topics of experimentation among tech companies for some time now has been hover gestures. Even Microsoft has attempted working on them for its Windows Phone platform which has not made any progress in terms of user patronage. The Kinect-like phone gestures of Microsoft appeared as if it was going to assist in the performance of the hover gesture, although, a lucid and obliging use of floating touch interactions is yet to be demonstrated on a retail service. As a result, this provides Apple with the opportunity to do what it does best, and that is to make it late to an idea but make it popular using smarter and more improved integration into its overall user experience.

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