Instagram stories are getting soundtracks as a new feature

Instagram Stories according to the reports we have gotten from our sources is about to get more occupying with the inclusion of licensed music. Beginning last week, users have been provided with the ability to add background music to their posts on their Stories as a lot of songs have been incorporated into the app from artists such as Bruno Mars and Demi Lovato. Instagram states that more songs will be added every day.

This new feature works the same way as adding a sticker. To include a song, you have to drag and drop in the new “Music” sticker in your post and select the background music you think is just right for what you’re doing in your story. Having selected the song, users can browse through to get to the point they think is perfect for their video or image. Before now, Instagram had added a feature linking Spotify to Stories at F8, the only difference is that the new stickers go to the extent of playing the selected music in the background.

Instagram also gives users opportunity to pick a song to play before they record a video which keeps them in competition with different lip-syncing apps that are available. As with the sticker option, users can pick a song using a new “Music” option below the record button, find the snippet they want to play in the background and then be able to record the video.

Alongside this new feature, Instagram made an announcement that the social media platform is now used by more than 400 million people.

The new features are currently only available in some select few countries, but it is safe to assume that Instagram is working to release it to other countries as well. The music sticker feature is already out on iOS and Android, however, choosing music before recording is restricted only to iOS in the meantime.

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