Instagram is putting a restriction on how much data some developers can collect from its API

Instagram is cutting off API access for some developers and placing a restriction on how often others can use its API to collect data on users of Instagram. The move seems to be a party to Facebook’s attempts to get rid of access to data considering the current Cambridge Analytica scandal that is being faced by the company.

Instagram suddenly changed the rate limit for its Platform API bringing about a reduction in the amount of time a developer can use the API to ping Instagram for updated information. The rate limit which used to be 5,000 calls per hour has been reduced to 200 per hour.

Our sources say that for some developers, access to API was cut off totally by Instagram and the developers were not given a heads up before the change was made.

Reduction in rate limit means that developers can no longer pull a lot of data from Instagram’s API. Developers state that it will be difficult for some industries like customer service or brand marketing that rely on near-constant access to Instagram data to follow up on customer complaints or posts.

Developers also said that it can also limit total volume of information that outsiders have access to. If developers need to be fussier on what data calls they make, they might stop collecting data on topics or users they don’t necessarily need just because they can. Instagram could not be reached to comment.

Facebook and Instagram are searching thoroughly to find out all the ways each service shares data with outsiders as an addition to the consequences of the Cambridge Analytica privacy scandal last month.

Instagram had earlier said that it planned on reduce its Platform API and move users to a limited API by “early 2020.” However, it appears as if the Cambridge Analytica scandal is speeding things up.

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