Live from Innjoo Fire Launch Event

As promised at the tech bloggers round table on the 14th of May, Innjoo launched a new flagship device –Innjoo Fire –  at Trinity Mall, Ikeja. As scheduled, the event kicked off at 6pm(which was kind of surprising), lots of things went down and I’ll get to those in a minute but before then, let me remind you of the Jumia mobile megathon week coming up next week(I’ll explain why I brought this up later on). I’ll give the highlights of the event and provide images where possible (mind you, I was not the one manning the camera, so, I probably got the images from another source).

Innjoo’s MD, Mr Robert gave the opening speech, welcoming us all to the event and thanking us for coming. He also told us to feel free to order food and drinks from the bar(then I realised later on, that these things you order were going to be paid for by you).


Image credit: – Note this image was from a launch in the UAE but he was in the same outfit.

Next up was the free style/dancing competition where the price was an Innjoo phone(not too sure about the model). After the first round, some people were eliminated and the finalists had to dance to decide a winner, in the long run though, there was a tie between JustNaira’s Mr. Tosin and another Jolax. The MD, Mr Robert, then decided that instead of prolonging the whole drama, both of them should be given an Innjoo phone. I think I managed to get a picture:


As a personal note, I think this looks a lot like the Infinix Zero, don’t you?

So thanks to Mr Robert and Mr. Tosin, we have a  unit of the Innjoo One 3g. Though Mr Robert said official review units will be shipped out today (May 22nd), so we are waiting on that, but if that doesn’t happen, we have to use Mr Tosin’s unit then(I’m sure he won’t mind). So stay tuned for a review.

Then the main presentation started handled by Mr. Robert himself. He gave some statistical data to prove the positive growth of Innjoo and also mentioned that Innjoo was a year old this month(happy birthday guys). In my opinion though, they’ve achieved a hell lot in these few months that they’ve been in existence. He also introduced the Innjoo Ones and fires, the former being for geeks and tech enthusiasts while the latter was targeted at teens or light users.

That was mostly it for the event, refreshments followed and a Q & A session with Mr Robert. When I was able to get a hold of him, he was able to clarify that the Android L (lollipop) versions of their Innjoo phones with bigger batteries were going to be released in August.

Another interesting thing he mentioned was the fact that during the Jumia Mobile megathon week, they were able to secure top spot and something special was waiting(believe me, its an insane freebie!).

You want to know about this freebie? Say so in the comment section and I’ll write a post on it. So that is it guys for the Innjoo launch tagged ‘forever 21’.

A big thank you to Olusegun Fapohunda for the invite and Innjoo for the free WiFi!

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