Huawei patents a smartwatch that stores a pair of wireless earbuds

According to the reports reaching us from our sources, Huawei has obtained a patent for a smartwatch that has built-in Bluetooth earbuds attached to it. at the moment, we do not have much details about the Huawei Watch 3 neither do we have any idea when it is to be released, however, as pointed out by the patent, the company is looking at diverse ways it can store a pair of wireless earbuds inside the smartwatch.

Be that as it may, the patent provides some information regarding some of the ways the earbuds could be stored. One of them is through a capsule that has a spring mechanism which opens and shuts with a snap. Another way is to attach the earbuds to the smartwatch and have them stored in the watch band with the use of magnets. The Bluetooth earbuds being wireless will be water resistant and they will also have active noise cancelling – a feature that allows them filter out environmental disturbances. One more interesting thing is that with the earbuds, there is a way to receive calls and adjust the volume without having to flip the wrist.

The patent was approved last month, on the 28th of June precisely by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and there is a chance we might get some information concerning what things we should be expecting from the Huawei Watch 3. The last smartwatch that was designed by Huawei was released last year and the reviews it received were below average and it was followed with a lot criticism mostly because of its software which was infiltrated and full of bugs as well as its poor battery capacity.

As is the case with a lot of patents, there is a possibility that this feature may never get to see the light of day and would never reach the market. Our sources also confirmed that in May, Huawei was also granted a patent for a smartwatch designed specifically for games and with this report we believe Huawei is looking at a whole lot of ideas.

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