Huawei just about to become the world’s biggest phone maker before US strike


About a few weeks back, IDC and Strategy Analytics made public their global phone market share results. The results they presented only hinted on how impressive Huawei has been over the past few quarters of the year and the company appeared to be to take up more than half of the market even from Samsung.

IDC placed the first quarter of Samsung at 23% while Huawei made 19% whereas Strategy Analytics placed Samsung at 21.7% and Huawei at 17.9%. Gartner on the other hand, released their own reports and they revealed that shipping of phones have reduced to a severe extent but, Huawei recorded an immense level of growth since the previous year.

The difference between Samsung and Huawei is around 3.5% and had Huawei kept the increase in their phone production on, they would have been the greatest company producing phones in the world before the year 2019 ran out. What made this all interesting is that the CEO of Huawei laid a strategy about two years past and the strategy was to beat Apple for the second position and then Samsung for the first place.

But the ambition of the company was crushed hard when the administration of the United States White House issued an executive order inhibiting hardware and software builders in the US from engaging in business ventures with companies from other nations.

What made things worse was that Huawei’s increased growth in sale of mobile phones was as a result of their sale of flagship mobile devices ranging from the P and down to the Mate series instead of selling budget handsets in China and that was likely to boost the company’s profit.

Despite the fact that Huawei has been given some form of relief from the embargo that was imposed on them by the United States, it appears as though the company is close to losing its smartphone venture because since the embargo was placed, more and more companies in the US are now stating clearly that they are unwilling to do business with Huawei.

Our sources report that SD Association is the company that has of late banned Huawei from making use of its technology. This therefore translates that Huawei has now been removed from the group that trades with SD Association as the association has to follow the orders of the Department of Commerce of the US.

People who already have Huawei smartphones can still use SD and microSD cards on their phones, but later in the future Huawei phones will not support use of SD cards. The company was also banned from gaining access to updates to Android OS or chip from either Intel, Qualcomm, and AMD.

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