How You Can Use Google Docs To Create eBooks

This tutorial explains how to easily go about the conversion of your Google Docs and Microsoft Word documents into the format of ePUB ebooks which could be opened inside a digital ebooks reader (any type with no restrictions).

How You Can Use Google Docs To Create eBooks

How You Can Use Google Docs To Create eBooks

There many be no contest as to the popularity of Adobe PDF as to document format you would come across on the web but then there is an underlying factor as to why eBook lovers have this preference for the ePub format as compared to the PDF format. One edge of the ePUB documents over the PDF documents is that the latter has a static layout which comes in fixed page breaks but then as for the layout of an ePUB document, you can say it is “responsive”; what this implies is that it will at once adjust for a variety of screen sizes.

It is possible you could read an ePub book inside the Google Play Books app on your Android phone or your desktop and they wouldn’t stop looking good. Just as much, for the fact that ePub files are basically HTML5 documents under the hood, you could make adjustments to the the font family as well as the text size so as to record an improvement to your reading experience.

How do you Create your ePUB eBooks

Calibre and Adobe Stanza happens to be desktop software famous for the creation of ePub ebooks and now they can without stress make a ePUB ebooks in the browser itself making use of Google Docs. Simply write a document in Google Document, and you have it already you could upload an existing Microsoft Word file to your Google Drive, then proceed to File menu. When you get there, select download as EPUB publication.

You will get an ePUB file which is possible to be copied to your mobile phone. A more flexible option is that you upload the ePUB to Google Books website so you could reach it from just anywhere. There is still the option of reading it in the browser. Go to if you want to upload the ePUB to the Google Books; select the Files button.

On iPad, Google Playbooks and Nook, it is compatible to read ePUB files. Amazon Kindle doesn’t present compatibility for the ePUB format but then it is possible to convert it into MOBI format which is compatible with the Kindle.

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