How to use your phone to enter passwords on an Apple TV

When you wanna enter a text on an Apple TV, it may prove difficult if you want to do it with a Siri Remote mostly when the word is long. But, you can actually do this making use of your iPhone or iPad.

The possibility of this feature came with Apple’s iOS 12. The Siri Remote is not all that wonderful and having to enter a password that’s at least 12 digits long and is composed of letters (small or block), numbers, and special characters is quite tedious. The feature does not only apply to entering passwords, if you’re searching for a movie you favour or any other password, you’ll find that quite easier to do with an iPhone or iPad keyboard.

Making use of an iPhone and iPad to enter text

First things first, make sure your iPad or iPhone is running on iOS 12 or anything after that and you must also be sure that your Apple TV is running tvOS 12 or further. Another thing you must ensure to do is to have each device on the same Wi-Fi network and signed into the same iCloud account.

Head to a text field on the Apple TV, while there, you’ll get a notification on your iPhone or iPad asking you to open your keyboard. If you don’t get the notification, open the Apple TV Remote app. This will automatically open a keyboard at any time when you want to input a text on your Apple TV.

Use the keyboard to enter the text you wish to enter.

Whatever you type in will appear on your Apple TV, as soon as you are done, you can proceed using your Siri Remote.

To make use of AutoFill

The ability to enter text with the use of your iPhone or iPad keyboard also grants you ability to use AutoFill. With the use of AutoFill, your passwords can be entered easily and pretty quick without you typing as long as your usernames and passwords are saved in iCloud Keychain or an app such as 1Password or LastPass.

Using AutoFill: when your credentials appear in the QuickType bar that’s on top of your iPhone or iPad keyboard, tap it. Should you have more than one, click the key icon and select the one you want.

The username and password will be immediately sent to your Apple TV after you have concluded authentication with Touch ID or Face ID. It will never come in plain text on your iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV.

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