How To Use Etisalat Free Facebook MB with Opera Mini

Recently, I shared a post on How to Get Free MB on Etisalat to Surf Facebook and I promised that I will explain how to use the free MB with all versions of Opera mini. So today, I will give an explanation on how to use the free bundle with Opera mini.


To use the Etisalat free MB, you must first switch to Etisalat default settings on your phone. In case you don’t have the default settings on your phone, simply send the word SETTINGS as text to 790 or you can manually configure it with the following settings:

Connection Name: Etisalat Access
IP Adsress:
Port: 8080
APN: Etisalat
Username & Password: Etisalat

After switching your connection settings to Etisalat default settings, then launch your Opera mini. But mind you the opera mini must have a space for custom server then put the code below into the opera mini custom server box:


For normal phone browser, use this:

Note: You must have the free Etisalat MB on your line before this trick can work. You can still get the Etisalat Free MB Here.

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