How to Send Web Pages from Chrome to your Phone

If you want to look something up in Chrome on your PC – say read an article – but want to transfer it to your smartphone, here’s what to do.

If You’re willing to Use an Extension: Pushbullet

If you want to get anything from Chrome to your phone, PushBullet is one good way out. It is available for both iOS and Android on mobile, but you’ll also need to install the Chrome Pushbullet extension.

Once you download the extension, install it on both ends and get signed up for the service.

  • When that’s done, right-click the web page you want to send your phone.
  • Go to the PushBullet on the context menu and select your device.

Once you do this, it shows up on your phone as a link in the PushBullet app.

For Android users, there’ll be a notification. On iOS, you’ll have to open the PushBullet app manually to find the link. Finding the link shouldn’t be too difficult if you sent it. Note, every link you send will show in the app.

If You Don’t Want an Extension: Chrome’s Native Tab Syncing

If you’re not interested in using an extension and app on your phone, you can use Chrome’s native tab syncing. This requires just the Chrome browser on your phone and computer.

On your phone, you can access the open tabs in the Chrome browser on your PC.

  • Open the settings menu, then tap the “Recent Tabs” command.

This opens a screen with the newest tabs open on your other devices. Just pick the one you want to open on your phone.

If You Use a Mac and an iPhone or iPad: Use AirDrop

Mac and iOS users, can bypass all of the above and just use AirDrop.

With a page open in Chrome on your Mac, just head to File > Share > AirDrop.

In the window that pops up, select the device to which you want to send the page.

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