How To Scan & Fix Facebook Virus Issue

Facebook is a popular social bookmarking site where most people find interesting every day, but most people are having problem with their Facebook account due to the presence of virus which automate or do some posting, tagging and other stuffs on their Facebook account without their consent.


Today, I want to share some measures you can take to get rid of virus from your Facebook account and how you can get notification about the presence of any virus and infected links on your Facebook account. Below are the three measures you can use to scan and delete virus from your Facebook profile and walls.

1. First and foremost, you have to install an anti-virus on your Facebook account. This anti-virus is in form of Facebook App. This anti-virus app is released by Norton (Symantec). Click Here to install this free Facebook anti-virus app into your Facebook account.

2. After installing the anti-virus on your Facebook account, you will see an option as “Auto Scan”, click it as shown in the image below so that your Facebook account will be free from virus every time.


3. Finally, you will always find red marks near infected links and green marks near good links.

You can also use the comment box below to share any other means you have used to be safe from virus on Facebook.

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