How To Register 2014/2015 JAMB UTME Exams

In my recent post, I have made you realize that the registration for 2014 JAMB UTME has commenced online. But today, I want to share how you can do your JAMB UTME registration by yourself. Below are some useful tips on how to do the registration yourself.
After you have made a payment of N4, 800 and purchased JAMB UTME scratch card, then visit the examination board e-registration portal. The e-registration portal address is, and always makes sure a finger print is ready before you start your registration process. If you are planning to do the registration by yourself and don’t have the finger print scanner, I will advise you to go to a person that has and pay the person to help you with the scanning and uploading alone so that you can continue the registration by yourself.
If you have never attempted JAMB UTME exam before, login to the e-registration portal website, then enter your serial number and PIN on the JAMB scratch card you purchased. Make sure you enter each inside appropriate column and click on the ‘sign in’ button. If you’ve entered the card serial number and PIN correctly, you will be required to scan your right and left thumbs.
But in case you registered for 2012 JAMB UTME, you can include your registration number in the required column to ease your registration process. The portal will fetch your details and personal information you fill in last year since your details is in their database.
The registration webpage will load for you to start your registration process. You can choose to log-out or continue your registration at this point. In case you choose to log-out from the portal website, you can still continue your registration. You need to know that I your registration is not complete within the first 21days of your first login, your card will no longer work.
Always make sure your information is ready before commencing registration. It is also advisable to download the template of the form, print it and fill it offline before the commencement of registration online so as to reduce the tendency of making mistakes. Don’t also forget to have an electronic passport sized on your computer. Check the e-registration portal for the size of electronic picture recommended. You can make an electronic copy of your passport through a scanner or copy directly from your camera. The recommended picture size on the e-registration portal is 15 kilobyte. You can validate your picture using the e-registration portal website. Make sure your picture is in Jpeg format, and make sure your picture is recent and clear.
After the proper completion of your JAMB UTME form online, click on the submit button on the portal website. Make sure you have completed your registration before clicking on submit because once you have click on the submit button, you will be unable to make any changes to your form. After submitting the form, you will receive a registration number and examination number which you need to note down and make sure you print the exam slip that will be taken to the examination room. You can print out your slip at any time that pleases you before the commencement of the exam.
Please don’t forget that before you will be allowed to sit for 2014
JAMB UTME exams, you will need to take your finger print scan. Please you are advice not to make a mistake to allow another person do that for you. Make sure the biometric scanner and your fingers are clean when you are taking the scan. Finally, make sure your thumbs are scanned carefully to avoid and delay and disappointment in this forthcoming JAMB UTME exams.

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