How to Read PDF Files on Java Phones

One of the big challenges faced by Java phone users is the ability to view a PDF file on it. Most Java Phone users think it is impossible to view a PDF document on their mobile device which is not true.


Meaning of PDF

PDF is an acronym of Portable Document Format. It is highly portable across computer platforms and it has a .pdf file extension (File.pdf).

Today, the software that can be use for the purpose of viewing PDF documents on Java mobile phones will be given out for Java mobile phone users to download.

The names of the application that can be use for this purpose are:
1.Mobile pdf Reader
2.Adobe Reader Mobile
3.S40 Reader
You can download the Java phone PDF reader applications from HERE.

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After downloading, launch the application on your phone and after that you can now go to the root of the PDF document on your phone and open it.

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