How to Get #500 or More Worth of Airtime Daily On MTN Till 2012

Four days ago, a friend of mine called me during MTN xtracool and we converse for 30 minutes and after our conversation, I went back to bed. So when I woke up in the morning, I dial *556# to access my account balance but the next thing I saw was an in-bonus of #500 +. So I asked a neighbor that did xtracool that same day to confirm if he was given any bonus, but his reply was that he wasn’t given any thing.

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So the next day I took my two phones and use one to call the other and leave it for 20 minutes +. I was doing this to deduce maybe it was the xtracool I made previously that made MTN to give me #500 +. When I woke up the same morning, I saw another #200+ on my phone. So I tried it the third day again and I was given another bonus. Today, I want to share the result of my experiments and how to be getting #500 + daily on Your MTN sim till 2012.

Presently, MTN is rewarding their customer with #30 for every 30 minutes of call received. The only type of tariff plan I think is eligible is MTN FAMILY AND FRIENDS tariff plan. If you are on MTN FAMILY AND FRIENDS tariff plan, then you can be having #500+ worth of airtime on your phone till January 2012 when the promo will be off.

The trick to have this bonus is to tell your friend to call you during xtracool period, and talk for 20-50 minutes and after that don’t make any call till the time for xtracool lapses. If you should talk for more than one hour, MTN will not give you any bonus. Check your account balance the following morning to check your balance for the bonus. That is all it takes to be entitle to this bonus. Enjoy this while it last…..

N:B – With my experiment, I can tell you it does not work on any other tariff plan except MTN FAMILY AND FRIENDS tariff plan. The bonus can only be use to call MTN numbers. If it doesn’t work the first time you tried it, give it a second try.

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