How to Download Entire Facebook Photo Albums Easily for Free

It is a known fact that Facebook is the biggest social networking site in the world. Most people share their photos on Facebook as albums, and there are times when you feel like downloading them on your computer, but this is a difficult task since you will be required to right click on each picture and “Save Image As …..” on your computer. Using the right click method will cost you time and the photo saved will not be the same quality as the image.


Today, I want to share an extremely simple method any one can use to download an entire Facebook Photo Albums easily with a few clicks for free using a web app called Pick & Zip.

What Is Pick & Zip?

Pick & Zip is a web application that can be use to download any photo albums on Facebook. With Pick & Zip, you can download Photo albums that don’t belong to you. Pick & Zip web app is a good application to back up all your Facebook albums.

Steps to Download an Entire Facebook Photo Albums Using Pick & Zip

==> You need to first sign in to your Facebook account
==> Then go to
==> Now click on login with Facebook button

==> Click on find my Photos button at the bottom right corner
==> You can now select your photos albums, or Tagged photos, or Photos from group and pages that you and your friends posted and tagged.
==> Now select the album picture you want to download, and then click on Download button.

==> Finally, you can now choose to download your albums as a compressed Zip file or a PDF file.

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