Create an Awesome and Standout Facebook Timeline Cover

All Facebook users now have the Facebook timeline profile. The Facebook timeline profile is so interesting that you can check a Facebook user information since the day such user has set up a Facebook account and what I like most about Facebook timeline profile is the ability to select a cover for one’s timeline. Timeline cover is a stand out feature. It gives you opportunity to express your personality.


So today, I want to share how you can create a stand out and awesome timeline covers with an online cool application called Cover Canvas. Anybody can easily create a timeline cover with this awesome application with just one click.

Steps to Create an Awesome Facebook Timeline Cover

==> First login to your Facebook account
==> Go to
==> Click on Get Started
==> A new window pops up, and then click on Allow button
==> Now select the type of cover you like and then click on Make My Cover button
==> Go to your Facebook timeline to change your Facebook timeline cover to the new one made by Cover canvas.

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