How to check if a Flash Drive/Memory Card is Original/Fake

Nowadays, it is difficult to know if a Flash Drive or Memory Card is original. As a matter of fact, no one can tell if Flash drive or Memory card is original or fake because the fake ones also look like the original ones.


The root of these fake flash drives and memory cards is China and one thing I note about these fake drives is that they claim the capacity they don’t possess by writing a fake size on the flash. Moreover, if any file is copied on it, they file you copied on it may not work. Recently, I was a victim of these fake drives when I bought a 1 GB flash drive and transfer a file to it and the file it was showing 11 GB lol…. Imagine that kind of embarrassment and cheat.

Today, a software is now available to test whether a flash drive or memory card is authentic or fake. With this software, you will no longer be a victim of fake flash drives or memory cards.

How to Get this Software

Get this Software==> and 
Manual ==> The password to access both files is justnaira.

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