How to Block/Disable Photo Tags on Facebook

Have you ever check your Facebook timeline as see some silly pictures you were tagged in? I really hate that, because it is embracing to see senseless & silly pictures on my Facebook timeline and I know most people hate it. Though there is no way to block friends from tagging you, but you can stop the pictures from appearing on your timeline without your permission and the best way to do that is to edit your Facebook privacy settings by approving tags before they appear on your profile.


Steps to Block Facebook Photo Tag

1. Login to your Facebook account from your computer and click

2. Then click the Edit Settings link as shown in the shot below:

3. After clicking on the edit settings link, a new page will pop up then click on Review posts friends tag you in before they appear on your timeline.

4. A new page will pop up again, so select Enable from the drop down to enable feature then click the Back button. See screen shot below:

5. Finally, save your settings. So anytime you’re tagged you will be asked to review it i.e. to reject it or approve it.

By now, there will be no more illicit photo tag on your Facebook timeline.

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