How To Block Facebook on Your Computer with FB Limiter

There is a window application that can be use to restrict access to Facebook and Youtube completely on your computer. This software is called FB Limiter, and it is available in paid and free version.The free version of FB limiter can be use to completely block Youtube and Facebook while the paid version can be use to block or unblock these site for a specified time.


Features of FB Limiter

Features Free Version Paid Version
Block facebook and youtube access on your computer to anyone who uses it
Limit facebook and youtube access to specific times during the week (e.g. Allow your kids to use facebook only one hour a day) X
Block facebook and youtube access to yourself for specific time duration. In cases when you are too much distracted and want to be sure you will not get a chance to use facebook or youtube. X
Control access to facebook on daily basis. (e.g. You could limit usage of facebook to just one hour daily X

How To use FB Limiter?

Firstly, you must download FB limiter window application from here. After a successful download of the software, then proceed to install and run it on your computer. To unlock the software, you need to first register a free account and after registration, an interface will be shown to you with greetings.

You can now block Facebook and Youtube website from your computer with a click and this software is password enabled that nobody will be able to unblock those websites.

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