Have you seen the new “Explore Tab” from Twitter?

it combines trends, moments and searches all in one

Over the years the twitter app has gone through various review sections for many of these updates and reviews were not made completely public. Recently, the company declared publicly one test which is going live for everybody.

The new explore tab, this was done to breech the gap between the search, moments and trend areas.
They have all been incorporated in explore. Explore will replace the moment tab in the main app interface which consist of an icon which looks like a magnifying glass icon. It was made public by twitter of its wiliness to bring it to android in the coming weeks, for about two weeks now, the AP team have had it tested.

Once the explore is opened, the configuration is arranged in this order respectively, the search box at the top, trends just below and moments down at the bottom. It is noticed that twitter has reduced its emphasis on this feature, just above is a pictorial view of the old moments tab and the new explore tab.
Despite the version of your twitter, whether it is the stable, beta or alpha version, the explore tab will be readily available.

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