Gorilla glass, Tough Yet Beautiful

Gorilla glass is a product of Corning, an American glass manufacturing company; it is popularly known as Corning Gorilla Glass.

gorilla glassIt is a very thin and tough glass. It is made of an alkali aluminosilicate sheet glass. The glass is damage and scratch resistant and it’s much more expensive than a normal glass. It is mostly used in high end smartphones, tablets, PC’s and LCD’s. Some of the popular devices using Gorilla glass are – Samsung Galaxy S II, Samsung Galaxy Note, LG Optimus 2X.

What makes Gorilla Glass so Tough?

Gorilla glass is toughened by a chemical process called ion exchange. The glass is placed in liquid potassium salt where at a temperature of approx. 400 degree celcius (~ 750 F), smaller ions leave the glass and larger potassium ions replaces them. These larger ions consumes more space and are squeezed together.

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At the point when the glass cools a layer of pack anxiety is found on the surface of glass. The unique composition of glass empowers potassium particles to diffuse far into the surface, making high compressive push profound into the glass. This layer of compression makes the surface of the glass more impervious to damage in regular utilization.

gorilla glass

Corning Gorilla Glass 2

In the beginning of 2012, corning has announced to release a newer version of Gorilla glass which will be 20 percent thinner. The thinner glass will be substantially more responsive and sensitive to touch. There is also an expanding interest and increasing demand for phones having Gorilla Glass display.

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Corning Gorilla Glass 3

Gorilla Glass 3 is the most recent version of Gorilla Glass that has remarkable Native Damage Resistant (NDR) Technology and is more damage resistant, durable, tougher and thinner than the previous Gorilla Glass 2. Corning has said that the new Gorilla Glass 3’s resistant to damage is three times more than Gorilla Glass 2.

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Corning Gorilla Glass 4

Gorilla Glass 4 is the most recent entry in the Corning’s Gorilla Glass section. The new feature in Gorilla Glass 4 is its capacity to withstand cruel or rough drops. Gorilla Glass 4 has the ability to withstand drops from a low height on rough surfaces two times better than its competitive glasses even when others get cracked or breaks. Corning has also claimed that Gorilla Glass 4 can survive such rough drops on sharp objects up to 80 percent of the time. All the other properties of Gorilla Glass 4 like thinness, durability and optical clarity remains the same as Gorilla Glass 3.

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