New AI-powered Google News app now available on iOS

Last week at the Google I/O developer conference, the company said that the modified, AI-powered Google News will by the following week arrive on Apple’s Store. This means the new Google News should be up and running this week. Our sources have reported that Google News went live on iOS as a replacement for the previous Google Play Newsstand app. There is a link where you can find it both on iOS and Android.

There is a similarity of the Google News both on iOS and Android. It is based on the use of machine learning to train algorithms to explore complicated, easily reported news stories and crack down on them in such a way as to make them understandable to the lay man in such layouts as chronological timelines, local news aggregation, and stories presented in an emerging and progressing series.

At present, the app is ordered in four sections. First one is a “For You” personalized list of 5 major stories that the Google software assumes you will want to take a look at first before heading on to others as well as a few articles and local news stories selected based on an algorithm. The second section titled “Headlines” is a combination of recent news over various segments like “Business” and “Tech”. Under this section, there’s a Full Coverage feature that reduces complex articles into a sequence of articles from various sources for you to read, as well as posts from Twitter and YouTube.

Also available is a favorites section in which you can star topics over entertainment, news, and academia. The perks that come with this section include; selection of news sources you prefer, saving stories so you can read them at a later time, and finally saving searches based on location and text so you can look at them later.

The fourth section called Newsstand is a recent add-on to this version of Google News. It allows you to subscribe to organizations that publish news that offer a per month subscription for either web or print access or charge a per month fee to go around a web paywall. The selection of an individual media organization opens a page for those that arranges the stories of a particular source into coverage areas of certain sites. The organizations in Newsstand maintain the AMP criterion of Google, hence, the pages tend to load quickly without getting people to go through mobile browsers.

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