Google Retiring Adsense For Domain Program

I received a message from Google some couple of hours ago about the new changes they made on Google Adsense. The new changes on affect Google Adsense for Domain feature that is available on all Google Adsense account. Google have reached a conclusion to retire its Adsense for Domain feature.


This simply implies that all websites parked with Google will no longer be served ads for viewers anymore and publishers using the Google Adsense for Domain will no longer be able to use the this service.

You can read the message sent to me by Google Adsense Team yourself below.

We’re contacting you because you’re using AdSense for Domains to monetize your undeveloped domains. After evaluating the benefits of our partner network, we’ve decided to retire the Hosted domains product within AdSense. Going forward, undeveloped domains will only be served through our existing AdSense for Domains distribution network.
Our records show that 29 of your Hosted domains will be affected by this upcoming change, which will follow the schedule below:
  • March 21: You’ll no longer be able to create new Hosted domains
  • April 18: Hosted domains will become inactive and it’ll no longer be possible to earn from them
  • June 27: Hosted domains will no longer be available in AdSense accounts
To continue monetizing your undeveloped domains, you can migrate your domain portfolio to any domain parking provider. Find out how in our Migration Guide:

Please note that this upcoming change won’t affect any other AdSense products you’re currently using or the availability of other products to you. In addition, reporting on your Hosted domains will remain available throughout the schedule above and for a period following the retirement.
For more information see the Help Center. We appreciate your understanding and thank you for your patience as we continue to develop new features and offerings within AdSense.
The Google AdSense Team

My final advice to those people using Google Adsense for Domain to park their unused domain name is to go for other alternatives like, and the rest to park their unused domain name.

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