Google accidentally discloses that Android P might have gestures like iPhone X

Google is testing a new navigation bar for Android P that looks similar to Apple’s new swiping up gesture on the iPhone X which exposes the multitasking UI. Google accidentally made the revelation of this navigation bar known to the general public in and Android developers blog post, plus, the company removed a screenshot it posted of it while it was being used. Before the screenshot was removed, an unrelated feature included some unusual navigation behavior. It has a flat bar at the bottom in the center and a back button on the left. The new navigation bar unlike the previous ones does not include a multitask button and the centre home button appears a lot smaller and is shaped like a pill.

According to the reports reaching us from our sources, it seems as if Google wants to still incorporate its back button control as well, on the other hand, the report that we got from our sources stated that this will only be possible in the context that a back button is called for.

Furthermore, our sources report that Google is only testing this navigation bar right now, and the company has at a previous time tested other navigation bar changes in preceding Android version without ever shipping them. But then again, the company is still in full support of screen notches like the iPhone X or Essential Phone with its Android P update, and adding a new navigation bar that is controlled by gestures is not only a big addition but it also makes it easier for Android developers to employ better ways of making use of displays that are bezel-less. We have a huge expectation that we are going to be hearing more information concerning the navigation bar on the Android P as well as more feature updates that may be included at Google’s I/O developer conference by next month.

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