Double Data Promo: Get 1,600MB for N2000 on Glo

While I was recharging my Glo line for subscription, I saw a notification from Glo about an offer. The offer goes thus ‘Get Double Data when you subscribe to My Phone Data Plan for just N2000………… get 800mb plus 800mb making 1.6gb’.


That’s a good offer though, but the sad news is 1.6gb is not enough for me. Even the ‘always min’ subscription don’t always last a month with me. I always enjoy their ‘always max’ plan.

To all Glo subscribers that don’t use more that 1gb in a month, this offer is for you. Recharge N2000 and get 1.6gb

Let me share my little experience about Glo with you.

  • Glo has more 3G coverage that any other network – I browse with my Glo line from Oka-Akoko Village in Ondo State. Glo 3g is almost everywhere.

  • Glo speed is like …… I don’t know how to qualify it….. permit me to say ‘fast like lightning’. In-short it’s super fast compared to ‘bro’ Airtel that has too many users.

  • Shared my Glo Data with my other Glo line. With one subscription, I can browse on my phone and laptop at the same time without any interference. NO PAYMENT REQUIRED. I mean FREE. (Check : How to Share Glo Data Plan for more info)

The three points stated above are just the reasons why I currently prefer to use Glo.

Back to real business. The Get Double Data offer is not for all Glo data plans. It’s only for the My Phone Data Plan. According to Glo, to enjoy the data promo, a subscriber can send “55” by SMS to 127 or dial the USSD code *127*55#. The promo will last for 3 months.

Glo subscriber should  give this a trial. Don’t forget to share your experience after subscribing.

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