Get 80MB with N100 on Airtel

In Nigeria, internet subscriptions are quite expensive. 200MB of data cost around N1,000. With the advent of Blackberry internet subscription plans, browsing has become a bit cheaper. With N1,500, one can get around 2GB or more size of data. Although not all ISP Blackberry subscription plans work on other devices, but thanks to Airtel makes Blackberry data plans work on non-Blackberry  devices. 

Get 80mb with N100 on Airtel

With normal plans, N100 can only purchase 10MB of data. But with the trick I’ll be sharing here, you will be able to purchase 80MB worth of data with just N100. Follow the procedures I outlined below to get it done.

Steps to Get 80MB with N100 on Airtel

  1. Recharge your airtel line with N100
  2. Send ‘BBUD’ to 440 via SMS (for 80MB). You will receive a message that you are welcome to Airtel BB Unlimited blah blah blah, just ignore the message and move to step 3.
  3. Send ‘stopautorenew’ to 440. This will keep them from renewing the plan again without your consent.

 When you are done with the steps above, dial *141*712*0# or *123*10# on your phone to check your data balance.

 You can now use your sim card on your Modem, iPad, Android smartphone and any other non-bb devices.

 NB: When you are doing the 80MB plan for the first time and it doesn’t work, recharge with N100 and activate Airtel 10MB data plan with *141*712*11#.

Start enjoying your browsing moment.

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