Firefox Will Now be Available for iOS

After a detailed long battle, as well as a very hurting absence, Firefox will now be available for iOS. Mozilla had made announcements as of last year that the browser would be coming to the platform, launched a public preview in September, and is putting it on the table of all iPhone and iPad users.


Firefox has been available on Android for very long time now, but a sad conflict bothering on the use of Apple’s standards had blocked the way to Mozilla making the switch. Mozilla at last shifted on its position, and the browser is now available. Some features new users could well house in the confines of their expectation include private browsing (only compatible with iOS9), sync across devices, as well as “intelligent searches.”


Mozilla will definitely have to fight it out with entrenched mobile browsers like Safari and Chrome. But the final release will for sure be a nutritious addition for desktop Firefox users who well hope to reproduce similar experience on the go.

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