10 Fantabulous Google Features You Should be Using

Google so far has succeeded in relegating many other search engines to the background. They have been so understanding almost making a monopoly of the internet search engine occupation- that we wonder if there is still a daily crumbs for the others, as we all know Google has bitten largely into the loaf of that bread! The features they provide users  are so tasty that they would not even get appetite for others. Let us look at some.


1. Atari Breakout

Need some nerves to relax, looking for some buckets of fun? Courtesy of Google, you could enjoy a version of the classic Atari Breakout game on your computer at your convenience. It is stress free- just navigate your way to the Google Image Search page — www.google.com/images — and look for “Atari Breakout.” Then the refreshment starts!

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2. Google definitions

You need no dictionary for a new word’s explanation. Type “define (word)” into the Google search bar, such as “define money” and immediately you have the explanations — it’s “a process of chewing”. Sweet?

Pronunciation options are still available, and you can select the gray arrow for more information, including part of speech or word origins.

3. Google Public Data Explorer

Google’s conventional search site is simply unique for most searches, but Google has more detailed search sites for particular results as well. Taking a clue, the Google Public Data Explorer is a mine full of golden information on public statistics.

Just reach the Google Public Data page and insert your preferred topic. Maintain simplicity in your search like “Unemployment in the U.S.” Google will throw results from sources like the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics easily at your desk. You will also enjoy graphs with easy interpretation, and you are allowed to adjust it with preferences like gender, state and age.

4. Google translations

Want to know what words stand for in other languages? Just Go to the popular Google search page inserting in “translate (word) to (language)” in the search bar. Example, you could pick “translate boy to French” .

Within half blink of your eyes, Google would tell you “garcon” is French for boy. It also presents a small speaker icon that make the word audible if you aren’t certain of its pronunciation. Google Translate is a master of longer translations.

5. Google Flight Search

Someone looking for the most suitable cost for flight? Google Flight Search is one of the most welcoming devices to use in price-comparison sites around. You could select your start point and destination from the map, and then select your preferred dates. When you make your date choices, take good note of the prices for every date and Google’s graph of days with the most affordable tickets.

After this, you are allowed to scrutinize the results by airline, price, flight length, stops amongst other parameters. When you reach your preference, you could clinch it by booking directly on the airline’s site.

6. Google Sky

If you think Google Earth is dazzling, then Google Sky is surely going to steal your sanity from you. Here, you could search the solar community and see pictures of stars, planets, and galaxies observed from telescopes, satellites and probes.

It could also display infrared and microwave images just as much as a unforgettable map of the stars designed by Giovanni Maria Cassini in 1792. The site even presents options you could start with if dazzled.

7. Google nutrition comparison search

Which is safer as regards health, an orange or a banana? Type “compare” into Google’s search bar, presenting the food options you want to compare, such as “compare broccoli and asparagus.” Google can handle the remaining duty.

8. Google Conversions. (AT)

You would always need if not necessarily units of measurement for conversion be it at work- or even in church. On the Google search page, type a search like “convert eight ounces to cups” or “convert 10km to mi.” Bingo, there are the results. You could even manipulate the search results further.

9. Google nGrams

Google nGrams is one powerful research device that enable you determine the number of times specific words appear in more than 4 million books written back at 1800 till now. You could put in several words differentiated by commas to compare and contrast two or more words simultaneously. Google allows you to tweak the language of the books, time period, and see at what books the word could be located.

10. Exclude search terms

Google’s algorithms are special at scouring the Internet to locate the information you’re desire. Sometimes, it is demoralizing to get what you didn’t ask for.

Adjust your search employing the minus (-) symbol. Insert it before any words you like to be displayed. Say you want bags but don’t want to know which label designed them, just search bags-labels, and you have it cooked just so.

Can you beat all these?

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