Facebook User ID Revealer Tool

Every Facebook users including fan page, groups and profile have an ID number that is associated with their account.


Most of the time, finding the ID number of most Facebook users is difficult because most people now customize their URL. For instance, if you want to write on your friend wall and want to make it show Via BlackBerrry, iPhone, iPod, Xbox etc without having any of these device, you will need your friend ID and most of them have customize their Facebook profile URL.

A normal Facebook profile link looks like this:


While a customized one look like this:


Once a Facebook URL has been customized, the ID will no longer show so to help people who need ID of a customize Facebook User, we have release a generator that can do that easily with a click of a button. So what you need to do is to get the username and paste it into the appropriate box below and then click on the GET ID button to reveal the id.

Facebook User Id Revealer

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