How to Enjoy the ‘Uncommons’ of WhapsApp

Some few years back, technology became more appreciable with innovations that satisfy the very basic need of life-Communication. Whatsapp undoubtedly had been one of the most popular and common messaging app. It enables you use internet connection to send unlimited messages and media stuffs to other Whatsapp users. One other serious catalyst to the appealing nature of the app is its ability to work on mobile devices of varying operating systems like Blackberry, Android, iOS, and even Nokia Phones.


There are some beautiful unusual tips listed below for users to have fun on Whatsapp on an entirely new scale.

Do You Know that you do not really need a Phone number to use Whatsapp? : Here is a guide to doing this:

Firstly, Uninstall the app, then download it again. Switch your mobile to flight mode. Open the app and put your number. You will be asked to verify your number, simply choose ‘check through SMS’ and then put your email address. Once you click on the send button, click on the cancel button to terminate the authorization process. Install the ‘spoof messages’ app. Copy the spoofer application details from the sent messages, and send the info to spoofed verification. You can the connect with Whatsapp through the message sent to the spoofed number.

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You can share large files like PDF, APK, ZIP, EXE, and RARe.t.c on Whatsapp: Yes, its not a dream, you can actually send big files through Whatsapp. Basically, what you nedd to do is to first install CloudSend and Dropbox in your phone. Proceed to open CloudSend and link it to the Dropbox account. By sharing the interested files on CloudSend, they would be uploaded automatically to your Dropbox server, with the link to the file. Copy the link of the file and have your friends download such file by sharing the link with them.

No More “Lost Messages”: You can actually get to retrieve any message that you have lost perhaps mistakenly in very easy steps.

Firstly, Go to your memory card or SD card an open the Whatsapp database inside the card. The deleted messages are categorized in such a way that all messages for that day would be found in msgstore.db.crypt file while older messages in msgstore-yyyy..dd..db.crypt. You can then recover text using your text editor.

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You can even have more than one Whatsapp account on one Phone: To do this is fairly straightforward and easy, simply download the OGWhatsapp to have multiple whatsapp accounts on one phone.

Funny but You can even create False Whatsapp Chats: Youngsters like to be full of themselves, perhaps you have an avenue to do so. Here you can create a fake chat account that you can use to brag to your friends. Simply download the WhatSaid app to do this. The app would help you create and make it more real by filling it up with some spicy conversations.

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