Instructions on How you can Easily Delete Your Online Accounts

Are you pissed off with some websites and you feel like deleting your online accounts, identity or presence? The reason(s) for deleting your account with any website is best known to you, but if you really care about your privacy and security, complete deletion of your personal data should be considered, since you are no longer interested in their service anymore. Even when you make a request to delete your account with some websites, they will leave your account for a certain period before it will be completely deleted, as you could change your mind in the long run.

Delete Your Online Accounts in Easy Steps

Although, most websites that takes your data in the course of creating an account with them often make it quite difficult to delete your account. Most times, you will have to find a website’s hidden deletion link and went through series of steps before you would be able to delete your account. To easily delete your account with some most popular and less popular sites, Account Killer comes to your help.

What’s Account Killer? Account Killer is one stop to help you kill an account on any site. Instructions on how to remove your account or public profile on most popular websites like: Facebook, Google, Skype, Twitter, GroupOn, Yahoo!, Hotmail, MSN, eBuddy, 4Shared and et al. are provided on their website.

Before you proceed, check:

Account Killer is easy to use. No need to sign up to use their service. Each service also has a color code which makes their website to be easily accessible, as websites rated as “white” simply means that deletion of account from such website will be relatively easy for an average user. “Grey” denotes that the websites are not much difficult, but they’re not exactly stellar about facilitating the process, either. “Black” represents websites that make it so difficult to delete an account that you may not want to create one at all.

Account Killers Helps to Delete Online Accounts

Account Killer will provide you with all the necessary instructions and quick links that will allow you to delete any online account with most popular and less popular websites.

If you know of any other free web service that has worked for you, don’t hesitate to share it via the comment section below.

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