How to Make your Blog Visitors Become Readers

Becoming a professional blogger is not a day job but it is achievable for the ready minded.


One of the most important things every professional blogger care for is their blog visitors, since no blogger can be successful without visitors. So therefore, every blogger must try to make their blog stand out so that visitors keep checking back. Here are some measures bloggers should take into consideration if they want their blog visitors to turn to readers.

1. Design: if you want to remain successful in your blogging career, you must make a unique template for your blog for it to stand out among the rest. You cannot just go and download any template from the internet and upload it to your blog directly without making any changes on it, because whenever a visitor comes on your blog and sees the same templates that has been used on other blogs on your blog, he/she might got a bad impression on the first visit and might not check back again. You can contact for professional blogger templates.

2. Page Load Time: This is another factor why your visitors might not like your blog. If your blog take time to load visitors might just close your blog tab. If you want your blog to load faster, you have to get rid of some dead links in your template, remove pictures from your blog background & change it into a simple color and don’t use too many gadgets since it contributes to blog loading time. You can send in your blog template to for dead link scanning & changing of background images to simple colors (This is only for the first 10 People).

3. Visitor’s Queries: Visitors might not like a blog if queries submitted via the comment box are not answered by blog owner(s). If visitor’s queries are ignored, there are likely chances that visitors don’t check back again.

4. Not Easy to Read: When choosing color for blog, bloggers should endeavor to choose a nice color combination for their blog since with a nice font size that is normal.

5. Writing Skills: Bloggers must learn how to write a good and well organized post on their blog. A well detailed post will give a visitor a good impression about your blog and that might turn the visitor to a reader. Visitors get bored with long and boring articles. So keep all unnecessary details away from your post.

6. Post Consistently: No visitor will check back on a dead blog again. So try to make a schedule to post on a regular interval. This does not imply that you must always post every day, but make it a duty to post quality posts consistently.

7. Copying Articles From Other Blogs: Don’t copy articles from other blog/site and paste it directly on your blog. This tends to reduce your blog reputation when visitor’s finds out the contents on your blog are copied ones. If you cannot make a post on your own, try and edit the ones you found on other blog/website to make it original.

If you take the measure outlined above carefully, you should be able to convert your blog visitors to readers. If you have other measures that are missing, use the comment box to share it with others.

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