China’s Most Recent Smart-Home Technology on Display in Shanghai

“Smart Home technologies are out to change the way we live and make our life more efficient.” – China’s most recent smart-home technology showcased in Shanghai.

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“Beijing will be predominantly cloudy tomorrow. Temperature range falls in the interval of 20 and 27 degrees Celsius”

This could be no one talking but a voice-controlled speaker that not only enable users to play and download hundreds of thousands of songs from the internet but will keep them adequately informed as regards climatic conditions by giving the users weather update on command.

This is a very welcome technology as one could conveniently access weather changes and know from his bedroom if he is going to take an umbrella out tomorrow or not. I think this technology is good news for guys because our spouses wouldn’t have the excuse of changing too soon their costly Brazilian hair-do on the premise of been caught in the rain.

Well this was among the lots as to the Chinese technologies which had been put on display to visitors at the maiden Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Shanghai, which was opened from May 25-27.

This will be the first of its kind as regards a smart-home product which was produced by China’s biggest online retailer coming in US$11 million joint venture project with iFLYTEK. iFLYTEK is a company which bases its specialization in the design of voice recognition software. had refused on the provision of sales projections but rather had announced that the product was made with the global market in mind.

“We have more than 600 million transactions in orders placed on our platforms in 2014. So based on our big data analytics we can easily find out what’s the paying point and what’s the potential market to launch a new product,” Leslie Liu, Chief Technology Officer of JD Smart was reported to have said.

The Chinese edition of the Consumer Electronics Show may not really seem as commercially intense as those of its western contemporaries as it had just 250 exhibitors whereas there were 52,000 companies represented at the Las Vegas show which had held earlier this year.

But then emphasis is rather placed on high-paced development of the China market, in more details for global brands who have the intentions of winning over wealthy and tech-engrossed Chinese consumers.

China’s smart home industry from its projection is said to be worth US$ 2.8 billion dollars as at this year, this is definitely twice the figure realized some two years ago, with the government been a major catalyst for this growth.

Sometime earlier in May, Beijing had revealed to the public a US$200 billion investment in fast optical broadband in big cities as well as 4G networks in villages.

Premier Li Keqiang commenting on the development had said the move was part of the country’s “Internet Plus” aspiration to cut down on dependence on manufacturing for economic growth, will spring forth greater creativity also leading to the development of enterprising and innovative industries.  “The Chinese government will inspire the young entrepreneurs in the country to develop more products and give them incentives to do that,” security specialist at Tech & Device, Karl Weaver said.“What China has to do is to recognise that techno-nationalism and protectionism will not benefit the country. They need to open the country up more to foreign nationals technology investment,” he said.

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