Best Free File Hosting Services to Host and Share your Files

File hosting is a means of storing and sharing files and folders with others across the internet. Files such as videos, images, documents and files in other formats could be hosted on file hosting websites, and then share with others. With file hosting websites, bloggers and webmasters will be able to save and distribute large files without eating up disk space in their web hosting account, as webmasters and bloggers has many reasons to host files on the internet, such as video streaming, podcasting , hosting a game, pictures, images, among others.


Personally, I hate some file hosting sites, and I believe most people hate them also, due to the fact that some file hosting services spam users with countless pop ups and forced membership options to simply download a file. Although there are also better ones which I love, as they make data sharing easier and simpler, some even make it simpler than sending a file via email.

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As file hosting websites have become the demand of every individual to store and share their data online, I have gathered a list of the 5 best file hosting websites that makes uploading and sharing of files a cakewalk.

Top 5 Best File Hosting Websites


File Dropper Hosting Services

FileDropper is the simplest and fastest file hosting website, FileDropper has 10 GB upload size limit, and that makes it currently the largest available on the internet. With FileDropper, users can simply upload files up to 10 GB or less.

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MediaFire Hosting Services

MediaFire provides easy and simple way to host and share files on the internet. Files including documents, presentations, videos, images, and many other formats speculated on the site could be hosted and shared. Free plan features are unlimited fast simultaneous downloads, unlimited storage but only 200MB per file (4GB for Pro users and 10GB for Business users).

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FileFactory Hosting Services

Filefactory is similar to anther file hosts provider. Free account and get 500GB of space plus unlimited file bandwidth for file sharing. Users can also earn money from sharing popular files.

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Dropbox Hosting Services

This is a free hosting service, it allows users to host and share all sort of files easily. Its free service provides users with 2GB of free online storage. Addition GBs could be acquired by referring others to Dropbox.

Click Here to go to Dropbox Page


SlingFile Hosting Services

SlingFile provides free & easy file hosting, file sharing and online backup services. SlingFile has the features you need to easily upload, download, manage, and share your documents, presentations, videos, images, and more.

Click Here to go to SlingFile Page

Know of any awesome file hosting site with less pop-ups and ads? Share it with others via the comment below.

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