3 Easy Ways to Back up Your Gmail Account

Companies rely on emails for communication among employers and employees. It is also used to submit assignments and briefs and this makes it imperative for users to back up their Gmail account as it serves to prevent the loss of any important document. Jovago.com, Africa’s No 1 Hotel Booking Portal rounds up 3 easy ways to back up your Gmail account.

back up gmail

Open a new Gmail account

If you do not have another Gmail account, open another one. It is easy and takes only few minutes to complete. Importantly, pick a password different from your original account.


  • Go to Setting in your main Gmail account
  • Click on Forwarding and Post Office Protocol/Internet Message Access Protocol.
  • Go to POP download section and click on enable POP for all emails.
  • Then Keep Gmail’s copy below the enable POP for all mail.
  • Don’t forget to save changes.

Sign in to your new account

  • Sign in to your new Gmail account in order to back up your mail from your original account.
  • Go to setting again
  • Choose account and import.
  • Click on check mail using POP3 and add POP3 email account button. When you are done with this, enter your main Gmail account.

Click on finish and then save. With this action, your second Gmail account should backup your main account. However, check your second mail intermittently to ensure that it is actually backing up.

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