5 Helpful Apps that Prevents Distracted Driving

Safety should be the utmost concern when driving. Nobody wants to get into a nasty accident. However, there are a handful of things around that distract many drivers today. One major distraction that has cost many lives is the use of mobile phones and other tech gadgets while driving. Many are aware of the dangers but have so far refuse to heed to warnings. Imagine pinging or sending a text message on your phone while driving! The consequences could be unpalatable and in a recent research, findings show that one in five drivers used their phones while driving. Jovago.com, Africa’s No 1 Hotel Booking Portal looks at 5 applications that is helping to prevent distracted driving. While some of them are free, you have to pay for others!



This is an interesting application that helps drivers focus more on the road. The Drivesafe.ly application comes with a voice speech feature that automatically allows it to read emails and texts messages to the driver’s hearing. So, there is no need battling with your phone while driving. The app can be downloaded on Blackberry, Android and Iphone.

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One Tap


One Tap can best be described as your personal assistant during driving. The Onetap app ensures that you don’t miss anything including incoming and missed calls, text messages, and the app auto-replies your messages. All this is possible even though the phone has been made inactive by this app. It also provides accurate information about your trip. It is available on Android operating system.

MM Guardian


This is a multi-faceted application which parents use to control what children do with their smartphones or tablets. It can block apps like Instagram, WhatsApp, twitter, Facebook amongst other apps. All this can be blocked by the parent so that when their kids are driving they will concentrate on the road rather than on the phone.



Arguably one of the best applications for preventing distracted driving. Here, the parent get alerts when their child is tweeting, texting or doing anything with the phone while driving. In addition to this, parents set a particular speed limit with this app and if the child exceeds this limit, the parent will be sent an alert. With this app, parents are less worried about the safety of their wards. It can be downloaded on either android or Iphone.



Sending text messages while driving is no doubt very risky. Why? This is because you focus on the screen of your phone instead of the road. Hence, this textecution app helps deactivate the text feature of your phone when you are driving above 10 mph. Findings show that 46% of teenagers text and drive.

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