Apple’s unreleased gold iPhone X revealed by FCC

A filing from Apple at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) exposes images of a gold iPhone X which as of this time is yet to be released. According to the reports from our sources, the 180-day confidentiality period on the photos is now elapsed thereby providing a clear view of an iPhone X with a glass backplate featuring the same gold tone as the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus which was released back in September last year. The now-public photos show that the stainless steel sides of the device are also a shade of gold.

In connection to the iPhone event of last year, it was reported that Apple was working on a gold version of the iPhone X, however, the colour was not for once displayed on stage and Apple went on with only two colour choices which were space gray and white/silver. Based on reasonable assumptions we are led to believe that the company ran into unforeseen manufacturing roadblocks with the gold-coloured version of the device. We’ve also received information that Apple is at the moment working on a gold version of the iPhone X successor so the company will be making an attempt towards that feat in the months to come.

It is noteworthy to mention that if Apple had used one of those iPhone X colours for its Federal Communications Commission (FCC) filing, we may not have been able to gain access to the photos of the gold model as well as an uncommon look at an unreleased Apple product. The images arrived at the very same day one of our sources disclosed an internal Apple memo with an austere warning against leaking out confidential information. However, on this note, it was Apple who made the mistake. Furthermore, Apple has released a fourth, red colour version of the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus. There is no red colour model of the iPhone X.

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