Android phones may soon send more precise location info to 911 dispatchers

The emergency call number 911 is a number that no one in the United States wants to call, however, when someone does, they usually expect that the emergency responders to be able to locate them as quickly as possible for any human. When you call 911 anytime ffrom now, your wireless carrier sends information about your location to the 911 dispatcher giving them a tip of where they would send help. Recently, Google has been testing a system of its own that will be equipped to handle this process having the potential to be considerably more accurate.

According to the reports reaching us from our sources, Google ran a series of tests of its system on Android phones in December and January for residents of Florida, Tennessee, and Texas. During the period when these tests were run, the system of Google turned out to be more accurate than that of the carriers’ 80 percent of the time.

One may tend to wonder by how much the Google system betters the emergency dispatchers which is a very good question, the answer to which is important. When a carrier sends data of your location to a dispatcher, it is more often than not within a radius of 522 feet from the point where you are actually. However, when the Google system was put through a trial, it was accurate within 121 feet. Furthermore, in addition to the higher level of accuracy, the system designed by Google was also able to send the information regarding location faster than carriers could.

This new technology is scheduled to be demonstrated at a conference later in the week, and in hopes that everything will work out well as planned, Google is planning on expanding it to each and every Android device at a certain point in 2018.

Regardless of the fact that this may not be as interesting as some of the features that are in store for Android P, it is an important feature which would serve the case of serious incidents better.

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